Bojangles Menu Prices

Bojangles Menu Prices


The quick serve Cajun chicken style restaurant is primarily located in the Southeast United States. The Bojangles Menu Prices are comparable to other similar styled restaurants. The menu is divided into twelve different sections, giving customers a wide variety to choose from.




With eleven different biscuits to choose from, Bojangles shows it is serious about choices. You can order everything from a plain biscuit, a Cajun filet biscuit, to any number of “breakfast” style biscuits such as gravy biscuit and sausage and egg biscuit. The biscuits rang in price from $1.49 for the plain biscuit to $2.99 for the Cajun Filet biscuit.




There are four sandwiches to try here. There are two club sandwiches and two regular sandwiches. The Cajun Fillet Club costs $4.39 while the Grilled Chicken Club is $4.49. The regular Cajun Fillet is 3.69 and the regular Grilled Chicken is $3.79.




Bojangles menu prices reflect value and variety in almost all the food categories. There are three different salad options. All of which run at $4.89. The Chicken Supremes, the Homestyle Tenders, and the Grilled Chicken are all loaded with standard salad vegetables.




This is the section where the Bojangles menu prices really stand out. You can get combos for the boneless chicken, the biscuits, or the sandwiches. The combo contents vary greatly as do the prices.


There are seven different boneless chicken combos. The two cheapest, priced at $5.89, are the 4 Piece Supremes Combo and the 4 Piece Homestyle Tenders Combo. Each of these comes with a drink and a choice of a side, or “Fixin’” in Bojangles terminology. Priced in the middle 12 Piece Supremes Box Combo and the 12 Piece Homestyle Tenders Box Combo. Each of these combos comes with twelve pieces of chicken and four biscuits and are priced at $14.49.


Every biscuit and sandwich is also available in a combo. Biscuit combos come with a regular coffee or drink and an order of Botato Rounds for anywhere between $3.59 and $4.89. The sandwich combos come with a drink and choice of Fixin’ and cost between $5.79 and $6.59.



The dinners differ from the combos in the amount of food. Dinners all come with a biscuit and have a combination of one, two, or three pieces of chicken and one or two Fixin’s. The cheapest dinner will set you back only $4.79, while the most expensive 2 Breast Dinner with 2 Fixin’s will cost you $7.19.


Family Meals


These large orders offer between 8 to 32 pieces of chicken with different combinations of biscuits and Fixin’s. The 8 Piece Tailgate Special with eight pieces of chicken, four biscuits, two Fixin’s and ½ gallon of Iced Tea is the cheapest family meal at $18.49. The $26.49 Family Variety Feast is the best value available and shows that the Bojangles menu prices favor bundles. This feast has eight pieces of chicken, twelve Chicken Supremes, twelve Homestyle Tenders, eight biscuits, 3 Fixin’s and a ½ gallon of Iced Tea.




The Fixin’s have everything from dirty to seasoned fries. Every individual fixin’ is $1.39 and every picnic portion is $2.89. Coleslaw, mashed potatoes and gravy, macaroni and cheese, and green beans are also available.




The desert section is a variety of sweet biscuits, twists, and sweet potato pie. A single Bo-Berry Biscuit is $0.99 and a six-piece Cinnamon Pecan Twist is $4.99.


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