Dairy Queen Menu Prices

Dairy Queen menu prices are quite fair and the restaurant offers you many selections to choose from.  A great thing about the restaurant is that they cater to people with a variety of taste preferences and moods. If you are hungry and in the mood for a burger or sandwich, they got you covered. If you are only looking to go out for ice cream or dessert than they certainly have you covered. If you are in the mood for both then Dairy Queen is the perfect restaurant for you.

As you can see from the Dairy Queen menu prices above their burgers are very affordable.  Depending on which burger selection you choose, you are going to pay somewhere between $2.50 and $3.50.  One of the most popular items on their burger menu s the Bacon Cheddar Grillburger. It is a flame grilled burger topped with crispy bacon strips and melty cheddar cheese.

If you aren’t in the mood for a burger,  consider one of Dairy Queen’s sandwich options.  They offer many classic sandwiches such as BLT’s, Club’s, etc.  If you want to turn up the heat consider the restaurant’s Grilled Flamethrower Chicken Sandwich.   Perfect for any fan of spicy chicken sandwiches.

Nothing beats a good old fashioned hot dog right? And Dairy Queen does them well. Currently the restaurant offers four options. For just under two dollars you can order a classic hot dog with your choice or toppings or if you have a bigger appetite you can opt for one of their footlongs, chili cheese dogs, or footlong chili cheese dogs.

If you are interested in a healthier option consider ordering one of the restaurant’s salads.  Dairy Queen menu prices for their salad menu range from $3.79 for a basic house salad all the way up to $4.99 for a crispy or grilled chicken salad.  In lookng at the restaurant’s salad menu it is a bit thin,  hopefully they will expand upon it in the near future.

Dairy Queen’s sides offer the perfect compliment to your meal or dessert.  They offer classic burger restaurant sides which include french fries, onion rings, and side salad.  Their sides are affordable, ranging from $1.69 – $3.49.

Dairy Queen menu prices for their kids menu are set at $3.49.  These meals include  your child’s  choice of burger, hot dog, chicken strips, or quesadilla  in addition to french fries, small drink, and a DQ treat.  Their child meals are affordable and offer the perfect portions for children.

Apart from the restaurant’s hot food menu, they also have a ice cream/dessert menu. The first items I would like to mention are their  Waffle Treats. These are nicely sized waffle cones filled with various ice creams and toppings. In this category the chocolate sunday is popular. It is a few scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with hot fudge, nuts, and a cherry.

One of the most popular items on the Dairy Queen menu is their Blizzard.  These creamy frozen treats come mixed and topped with your choice of  topping. A few of the most popular topping include  mini M&M’s and Butterfingers. Dairy Queen menu prices for their  Blizzards start at $2.89 and go up to $3.79.

The MooLatte is a fun alternative to the restaurant’s other dessert options. A small will cost you $3.39 while a larger with cost $3.89.

Current Dairy Queen menu prices for their Artic Rush’s start at $1.59 and go up to $1.99.


Classic treats offered by the restaurant.

There’s nothing like a classic soft serve ice cream cone, and Dairy Queen does it well.  They are quite affordable too costing just $1.69 – $2.19.

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