Del Taco Menu Prices

Del Taco Menu Prices

This Taco Bell rival is one of the largest Mexican themed fast-food restaurants in the United States. Del Taco menu prices are mostly competitive with other fast food restaurants. Del Taco also serves American food in addition to its Mexican themed offerings. The restaurant also has a varied breakfast menu. Its one of the few places you can get both a taco and a milk shake.

Buck and Under Menu

The best deals on Del Taco menu prices are found on the Buck and Under Menu. For just $.50 you can get a Mini Cheese Quesadilla or a Value Bean & Cheese Burrito. $0.59 will get you a regular taco. For only $.75 you can get your choice of a Mini Bacon Quesadilla, Jacked Up Value Bean and Rice Burrito, or a Chipotle Beef Taco. For just $1.00 you can get Crunchtada Tostada, a Grilled Chicken Taco, a ½ pound Bean and Cheese Burrito, or a Double Beef Classic Taco.


Del Taco has an assortment of reasonably priced burritos. The Spicy Grilled chicken Burrito and the Del Beef Burrito can both be had for $3.09. There is an 8 Layer Veggie Burrito on the menu for $2.99, the same price as the Del Combo burrito. For $4.99 you can get either a Macho Combo burrito, a Macho Beef Burrito, or a Macho Chicken Burrito.

Tacos & More

A Flatbread Taco is one of the newer offerings at Del Taco and will set you back $2.89. The Beer Battered Fish Taco is $2.19. A Macho Taco or an Asada Taco can each be purchased for $2.29. The chicken or steak Taco Al Carbon is just $1.89. Other offerings include the Chicken Cheddar or the Chicken Spicy Jack Quesadillas, which cost $3.69. You can leave the chicken out and just get a Cheddar or Spicy Jack Quesadilla for $2.39. A Beef Taco Salad costs $4.39 and a Chicken Taco Salad can be had for $4.89.

American Grill

The American Grill is not as extensive as the Mexican food offerings, but if you have ever tried to eat somewhere with someone who just has to have a hamburger, the range of options is nice. A Double Del Cheeseburger will set you back $2.99. The Bacon Double Del Cheeseburger is $3.69. If you want a little less burger you can get either a Del cheeseburger for $1.99 or a Cheeseburger for $1.49. You can add Deluxe chili Cheddar Fries to any order for $3.29. A regular helping of the Chili cheddar Fries is $2.99. The Crinkle-Cut Fries come in three sizes, macho for $2.49, medium for $2.09, and small for $1.79.


Del Taco menu prices are cheap on the dessert menu. You can get an order of cinnamon churros for $0.99. Carmel Cheesecake Bites will cost you $1.99 for a small order and $3.89 for a regular order. You can get a single cookie for just $0.49 or you can get three for just $1.19. The milkshakes are available in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry and cost $2.99.

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