Hooters Menu Prices

Known as one of America’s most popular Wing restaurants, Hooters serves up much more than chicken wings. In fact they have something for just about everyone. You can choose decadent menu items such as Seafood delights, chicken or garden salads. These are all popular menu items but as mentioned above Hooters is known for their amazing wings. One great thing about Hooters is their wing sauces. They offer 5 different sauces which vary in spiciness. Play it safe with mild and go brave choose one of their flaming hot wing sauce. Either way you are sure to have a great meal at the restaurant. Whats more is that Hooters menu prices are very fair and won’t break the bank. Below are prices for all the items currently offered on the Hooters menu. Look up over carefully to help you decide which menu items you would like to purchase on your next trip to the restaurant.

Hooters is an American restaurant which was first incorporated in Atlanta Georgia. They implore an Owl logo which coincides with their restaurant name. The restaurant’s wait staff is usually comprised of attractive and often busty waitresses. Customers at the restaurant often come for the wings and fun environment. It is a popular location for sports fans looking to order some quick food, have a beer, and watch a sporting event.

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