IHOP Menu Prices

IHOP Menu Prices

IHOP, once known as International house of Pancakes, is a dine-in restaurant aimed at families. The IHOP menu prices are low to mid-range for its type of restaurant. AS can be expected, breakfast is available all day long. But, IHOP is more than just pancakes. It has a complete lunch and dinner menu as well. The IHOP children’s menu is also one of the most varied among its competitors.

Just For Kids

IHOP menu prices let kids eat very cheaply. It does, however, limit ordering of the kid’s menu to kids 12 and under. Nothing on this menu costs more than $5.00, with most dishes costing under $4.00. Funny Face, a pancake with chocolate chips and a whipped cream smile costs $3.79 – $4.79. The famous Pigs in a Blanket, sausage rolled up in a pancake, is $3.79 – $3.79. Chicken Tenders are priced at $4.29 – $5.29, while the Hamburger costs $3.00 – $4.00, or about .50 cents more if you want to add a slice of cheese. Also available are French Toast, the Rooty Jr., a kids sized version of the grown-up breakfast combo, Silver Five, five silver dollar sized pancakes, Egg Sandwich, Cheese Omelet, and a Grilled Cheese Sandwich.


The IHOP menu prices also show their value on the breakfast menu. The sheer selection is mind blowing. There are twelve different pancake dishes alone. Almost everything on the menu is priced below $10.00, with most dishes costing less than $7.00. A stack of the Original buttermilk Pancakes is $5.29- $6.00. A Pancake Platter, with bacon or sausage, is $5.99 – $7.00. The omelets are also a favorite with diners. The Big Steak Omelet is $9.29 – $10. The Avocado & Cheese Omelet is $7.99 – $9,and the Denver Omelet around $7.29. You can also choose one of the Signature Breakfasts, such as the Stuffed French Toast Combo, cinnamon raisin French toast stuffed with sweet cream cheese and served with two eggs, hash browns, and two pieces of sausage or bacon for about $7.29.


IHOP is about much more than just breakfast. Dinners all are served with garlic toast and a choice of soup or salad, vegetable, and potato. A T-bone steak dinner will set you back $12.99. If you are feeling more like a kid, you get the adult portioned Chicken Tenders meal for $7.49. Old Fashioned Pot Roast is available for only $7.99. The Top sirloin Dinner is among the priciest items on the menu and it only costs $12.49. For $7.99 you can get either the Grilled Chicken, the Herb Roasted Chicken, the Fish Fry, or the Country Fried Steak.

Sandwiches, Burgers, and Melts

There are also a lot of options for hand held meals at IHOP. A Patty Melt will only cost you $6.99. For that same price you can also get a Double BLT. IHOP has three new Super Stacker sandwiches. The Savory Steak Super Stacker is $8.29 and has all the fixings. If you wish to eschew beef you can also try the Grilled Chicken Super Stacker for $7.99 or the Grilled Turkey Super Stacker for $7.29. If you are really hungry there is always the Monster Cheeseburger for $8.29.

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