In N Out Menu Prices

In N Out menu prices and items have stayed consistent since their opening many decades ago. The have stuck to the basics and what they do best, burgers, fries, and shakes. Unlike many other fast food burger restaurants that create a new menu item every week, In N Out took a stand early on to keep their menu simple. The only exception to that statement is when you consider the restaurant’s secret menu, which is not displayed at any locations.  I will include more about the In N Out secret menu later in this article.

So as you can see the In N Out menu is quite basic. It starts by listing their Double Double burger which includes two patties of meat and two patties of cheese. This burger is a great option for all you carnivores out there. The next item they list is their cheeseburger which is only one patty of meat and cheese but a third of the cost of the Double Double. If you don’t want cheese you can order the Hamburger which is slightly cheaper than their cheeseburger. The one and only side listed on their menu is their French Fries which are a great value at just over a dollar. I personally love In N Out’s fries they make them from whole potatoes all day right in the restaurant. And lastly on the In N Out menu there are the drinks which includes soda, Milk, and Coffee all at standard fast food  prices. Keep in  mind In N Out menu prices may vary from location to location.

Secret Menu

The In N Out menu prices shown on the board obviously don’t include the secret menu prices as most locations don’t list them. Some locations have different charges for their secret menu items, however they don’t differ by much.

One of the most popular underground menu items they offer are their animal fries. These are their regular fries slathered in their special sauce, grilled onions, and cheese.  The restaurant’s burgers are also available animal style.

Another secret item that is popular with vegetarians is their grilled cheese sandwich. It is simply two regular buns with cheese melted in the middle.

There is also an item called the flying Dutchman which is simply a patty of meat with two all beef patties with melted cheese in the middle. This can be a messy ordeal as there is no bun or anything on the outside.

Overall the items on the restaurant’s secret menu are delicious as well as fun. I recommend trying one of them the next time you visit In N Out.


In N Out hours may vary from store to store however generally speaking most locations open at 10 or 10:30 and close around 12 to 1:30.

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