Waffle House Menu Prices

Waffle House Menu Prices


If you want a lot of food, a large selection, and you don’t want to pay very much, Waffle House may be the place for you. Waffle Houses menu prices are extremely low. Each restaurant has the feel of an old-fashioned roadside café from before the interstate freeway system. The food while not great is not bad. Waffle House also has a lot of choices from waffles to hamburgers. Everything on the menu is available all day long. Prices and item availability may vary from location to location.




As you might expect, the waffles at Waffle House are among the best items on the menu. A single plate sized waffle will set you back $2.65. You have your choice of adding pecans, blueberries, strawberries, or chocolate chips for an additional $.045 each. Waffles can also be served with a variety of sides such as sausage, bacon, or eggs.


Eggs and Omelets


Orders of one, two, or three eggs with toast or grilled biscuit and oatmeal, grits, or hash browns will cost $2.25 for one egg, $2.55 for two eggs, or $2.85 for three eggs. Bacon or sausage can also be added. Omelets come in meals ranging in price from $4.00 for a cheese omelet to $5.75 for a cheesesteak omelet. You can also get Steak and Eggs meals for between $5.15 for a chop steak to $10.35 for a 14 oz. Porthouse T-bone steak. This is one of the few Waffle House menu prices that is over $10.00.




There are a lot of choices beyond just breakfast foods here too. You can find a Texas Cheesesteak Melt for $3.99. You can also get the Texas Steak Melt for $3.95. Lib’s Patty Melt is priced at $3.30. The Chicken Melt is $3.45 and the Sausage Melt is $3.30.




Waffle House menu prices make this a great place to get a steak. A 5 oz. New York Strip Steak is only $7.99. The 10 oz. T-bone Steak costs just $9.99. Each steak comes with a salad, a side, and Texas toast.




Waffle House serves 100% Angus Burgers. A bacon cheeseburger is $4.85. A cheeseburger is $3.55 and a plain hamburger is $3.30. If a single patty is not going to hit the spot a double or triple of any of the burgers are available for only $1.25 or $2.50 extra.




All of the Big Deal Dinners on the Waffle House menu can be changed to the meat lovers version for a nominal increase. The Pork Chop dinner is $6.50. The Country Ham Dinner is also $6.50. The Chop Steak Dinner is $5.70. A Grilled Chicken Dinner is $5.70. All of the dinners come with sides and a salad.


Wraps and Sandwiches


If you want something smaller than a complete meal, the wraps and sandwiches offer cheap tasty alternatives to the larger meals. You can get a plain grilled cheese sandwich for $2.80. You can also get a pork chop sandwich or wrap for $4.30. The most expensive sandwich is the Sirloin, which costs $5.30. Most of the sandwiches are priced between $4.00 and $5.00.



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