Whataburger Menu Prices

Whataburger Menu Prices

This southern fast food restaurant was founded in Texas in 1950. Whataburger is famous for its great tasting burgers and quirky buildings. The Whataburger Menu Prices are competitive with other fast food restaurants, if slightly higher. The high quality of the food and the variety of burger choices make any price difference hard to notice.


The Whataburger menu prices are at their most expensive on this portion of the menu. The most expensive is the huge Triple Meat Whataburger. This monster burger will cost you $4.89. Slightly less meat is the Double Meat Whataburger priced at $3.59. The original Whataburger is a bargain at $2.29. If you are looking for a smaller portion you could try the Whataburger Jr. priced at only $1.59. If you just want a plain burger, try the $0.99 Justaburger, it only has mustard, onions, and pickles. You can add on a slice of American cheese, Bacon, or Jalapenos to any burger for under $0.50.

Chicken and Fish

Whataburger has more to offer than just burgers. The Grilled Chicken Sandwich is a grilled marinated chicken breast and is priced at $3.29. The Whatachicken is a breaded chicken version of the classic Whataburger and costs $3.19. Chicken strips can also be ordered and cost between $1.09 and $4.49 depending on how many strips are required. The Whatacatch is a breaded white fish fillet served Whataburger style and will only hit your wallet for $2.59.


Like most fast food restaurants the best deals on Whataburger menu prices can be found among the combo meals. All the meals come with a medium drink and medium fries. The cheapest choices are the Taquito with Cheese combo priced at $2.99 and the Two Piece Chicken Strips combo priced at $3.99. Next in affordability is the Whataburger combo, which only costs $4.29. The Three Piece Chicken Strips Combo and the Whatachicken combo both cost $4.99. The Grilled Chicken Sandwich costs $5.29 while the Bacon and Cheese Whataburger is $5.89. The most expensive combo is the Double Meat Whataburger priced at $6.59. Combos can be upgraded to larger sizes for a small price increase.


Whataburger menu prices are at their most expensive for the salads, considering portion sizes. The Green Salad is $2.19 while the Grilled Chicken Salad is $4.19. The Grilled Chicken Salad is served with a choice of grilled marinated chicken breast or tender chicken strips.

Shakes and Deserts

Whataburger has three flavors of shakes and malts, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Each flavor is available in three different sizes and costs, depending on size, anywhere from $1.49 to $3.29. In addition to the shakes and malts sugar-craving customers can order Hot Apple Pie for $0.99 or Gourmet Cookies for $0.79


Whataburger also offers a limited breakfast menu. The breakfast combos are all priced under $4.00. The Biscuit Sandwich and the Breakfast-on-a-Bun combos are both just $2.99. The Pancake Platter costs $3.69 and the Breakfast Platter is priced at $3.99. Coffee or orange juice and hash browns are served with the breakfast combos.

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